From 150 to 1 500 Joules/second

From 2 500 to 5 000 Joules/second

From 7 500 to 20 000 Joules/second


The Capacitor charger (CCR) can be considered as a current generator (Norton model). He's suitable for all applications that need very fast regulation with big voltage amplitudes and repeated charging and discharging (total or more than 50% of the max).
The CCR has a very low stored energy and may hold a shoting rate up to 1kHz*. CCR machine must operate with an essentially capacitive load. Its regulation mode differs from a SR and prevent from any overshot.
Using a CCR as a Regulated power Supply is not recommended.

Application note

Technix offers two main models of generators. The Regulated power Supplies (SR) and the Capacitor Chargers (CCR). You can also download those informations

If in doubt, please consult our technical department before purchase to validate your application