Technix High Voltage Company

TECHNIX High Voltage is one of the European leader manufacturer of regulated High Voltage DC power supplies, High Voltage capacitor chargers and High Voltage Electron Beam power supplies with a range of power from 150 W to 200 kW (75 J/s to 100 kJ/s) and voltage from 300 V to 200 kV.

The company is located at Créteil, near Paris, France since 2000.

Our expertise allows designing our own HV transformers and HV multipliers with a high level of flexibility and reliability. All our HV products are based on a modular concept to offer a large choice of configurations.

Since 2000, TECHNIX designs, produces and sells over the world and is recognized as an attractive worldwide supplier, appreciated by demanding and well known customers in industrial and research.

Very close to you, we are capable to adapt our standard models to fit your needs with a large list of options. OEM products can be developed by our R & D team with high mechanical and electronic level requirements.

  • Reactivity: of our technical and commercial teams
  • Flexibility: we answer to all specific needs
  • Competitiveness: particularly for medium / high powers
  • Respect of commitments: on deliveries, support and quality
  • Technical support: direct communication with design and test engineers
  • Staff’s experience: over 15 years in HV Power
  • European: CE compliance (lien liste directives CE)

Modularity: offering a large choice of configurations based on 19” industrial racks and cabinets

Reliability: High safety factor with no stress to the components
Very low ratio of return products less than 1% within 2 years warranty period
Intensive use: Equipment can be used 24h/day, 7days/week in an hostile environment
  • Accuracy & Stability
  • Compactness
  • Easy to use
  • High efficiency
  • Total protection against arcs, overloads, short circuits and over temperature
  • Safety
  • Quick regulation
  • Very limited stored energy
  • Low cost per watt

Our regulated High Voltage DC power supplies, High Voltage capacitor chargers and High Voltage Electron Beam power supplies are worldwide used in research institutes and almost all of the industrial segments.
Here are some applications:
Sputtering, Ion Beam Implantation, Electron Beam Welding, Electrostatic Filters, Plasma Igniters, MBE systems, Food Inspection, Component Testing (Capacitors, Tubes, Cables..), Solar inverters, Transport inverters , Capacitor Charging, Marx Generators, Magnetrons, Gyrotrons, Synchrotrons…

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The warranty of TECHNIX’s products is 24 months from their delivery.
This warranty covers the parts and workmanship.

Warranty will not apply if the manufaturer’s serial numbers has been altered, deleted, removed or made illegible.

This warranty does not cover damage due to the following :

  • Misuse, including but not not limited to the failure to use the product for its intended purpose in accordance with TECHNIX’s instructions on the proper use and maintenance
  • Installation or use of the product in a manner inconsistent with the technical or safety standards
  • Attempted repair by any party other than authorized by TECHNIX
  • Accident, lightning, water, fire or any other such case beyond the reasonable Control of TECHNIX