About us


Since 2000, our team design and manufacture High Voltage DC power supplies and capacitor chargers for industrial applications and research labs. We offer a wide range of flexible products that can be adapted to the requirement of each customer. We also develop modular solutions that are easy to use and can be integrated inside your system.

As a human-sized company, we are very reactive and flexible which allow us to provide optimal quality for each product and service. The great motivation of our team has also played an important part in our success story. We currently already have a worldwide presence but we aim to develop further and conquer new markets.


Our philosophy is focused on customer’s satisfaction. By understanding the requirement of your industry, we are able to push our limits and develop a wider range of products. Our main guideline is:

  • To understand the technical expectations of our customers
  • To analyze the technical feasibility and offer a proper solution
  • To adapt the solutions electrically, mechanically, etc…

Our goal is to offer products that evolve in line with the market trends, and also to carry on by developing our international presence.


Customer Focus

We provide high quality services and proper solutions through our expertise, the reactivity of our Technical Support and Sales Department allows us to answer any specific request quickly and provide customized solutions.


We focus on building long and trustful relationships with our customers and partners.


We are constantly challenging ourselves, pushing our boundaries and developing new and improved products that meet the requirements of our customers. We also follow the trends of the ever-evolving technologies


Client’s satisfaction is our main priority. Our fame has been built on satisfied clients who appreciated the way we work and have spread the word to their partners.

  • Reactivity : of our Technical Support and Sales Team
  • Flexibility : we make sure to provide solutions suitable to your requirements
  • Competitiveness : in particular for medium / high powers
  • Respect of the commitments : on delivery time, support and quality
  • Fast Technical support : direct communication with our Technical Team
  • Experience : over 20 years expertise in high voltage technology
  • Standards : UE Certification (CE), RoHS

our expertise

We have over 20 years of expertise in designing our own HV rectifiers and HV multipliers, which gives us a high level of flexibility and reliability. We can also adapt our standard models to fit your requirement with a wide range of options or through special developments.

High quality HV DC power supplies manufactured in France

TECHNIX provides top performance products with high precision, stability and efficiency for a wide variety of applications such as industrial production, research and accelerator technology. Our solutions are competitive with fast delivery time, low cost per watt, and compactness. TECHNIX products are reliable with less than 1% returned products for maintenance and can operate continuously 24/7.

Customized solutions adapted to your requirements

We are capable to adapt our standard models to fit your requirements through a wide range of options. The type of output, the control interfaces, the connectors an many other parts can be adapted to our customer’s request. OEM products can also be developed by our R & D team and proposed for both standard and special applications.