Recherche applications
Particle Accelerators, Linear accelerators, Cyclotron, Synchroton, Nuclear Fusion
Bias Supplies
Floating auxiliary power supply.
line fault testing, HV cable testing, isolation tests
Charging, Isolation Testing, capacitors with resistive elements, test and forming of capacitors
Glass, plasma, electron beam, physical vapor deposition, industrial coating
Electron Beam
Curing Welding Coating, Linking, Evaporation sterilization, decontamination, sterilization process, Deflection Focusing Optics, High Power, deposition
Electron Tubes
High Power, Triodes, Tetrodes, Klystrons, X-ray tubes, etc.
Electrostatic Applications
Filters, Chuck Discharge Flocking Lenses (SEMs and STMs) Oilers Precipitation Process printing Electrospinning
Filament supplies
Floating auxiliary power supply
Flash lamps
flash X-Ray systems
Ion Beam
Focused Ion Beam, Deposition
Leakage Testing
Options are available to help the user measure leakage currents.
Magnetic forming
electromagnetic forming, MPF
Dual-Magnetron Sputtering, microwave heating and RF amplifies
Plasma / Gas Discharge
coating, evaporation, sputtering, cold plasma, corona plasma, Ignition, Hipims
Pulsed application

Pulse forming networks (PFN), Pulse Generator and Pulse Power, Pulsed Lasers, High Power Microwaves, Pulsed UV Curing and Sterilization.

Test equipment
Standard test equipment, automatic test equipment (ATE)

High Voltage Testing and Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), High Voltage Test Bench, High Voltage Testing, High Voltage Testing, Material

Thin film deposition

Plasma, electron beam, physical vapor deposition


Sources, Testing

Wehnelt Supplies
Floating auxiliary power supply.
X-Ray High power Diffraction (XRD) Flat Panel Detector (FPD) Fluorescence (XRF) Imaging (XRI) reflectivity (XRR)