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Technix manufactured two dc power supplies 150kV 45kW

We have successfully manufactured two DC power supplies with a rating of 150kV and 45kW. One unit has a positive polarity, and the other one has a negative polarity. Reaching such a high power and a high voltage is a...

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Thierry Leveque is joining Technix as a member of the technical team

We are glad to announce that Thierry Leveque has recently joined Technix, as a member of our technical team. With his training in power electronics and his long experience in control electronics, his main mission is to work on research...

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Technix’s new website is online

Welcome to our brand-new website! This new website is entirely focused on the customer’s experience. A lot of features have been added, allowing access to up to date data. Navigating through our range of products and options has also been...

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