Ethernet Optical Fiber Interface

With this Option, Technix Power Supplies can be remotely controlled with with a TCP/IP protocol through an Ethernet interface. This interface is available on the rear panel of the power supply. Connection to the power supply is managed through two optical fiber links.


A power supply with optical fiber option is supplied with the following equipment:

  • Includes an external optical fiber / Ethernet converter
  • 2 optical fibers cables (25m each)
  • CE22 cable (powering the external converter)
  • RJ45 cable (for communication with PC terminal)

Two configurations are possible:

  • With a virtual series communication port
  • Raw Ethernet mode

Ethernet features:

  • Labview runtime available (option)
  • Optical fiber (option)
  • Full duplex mode
  • Bauds rate: 9600
  • ASCII protocol
  • 12 Bits resolution
  • Communication frequency: 10Hz

Detailed specification

This Option is available in three configurations :

  • ETHERFIBOX-1V : allows to control one power supply with one converter
  • ETHERFIBOX-2V : allows to control up to two Power Supplies with one converter.
  • ETHERFIBOX-4V : allows to control up to four Power Supplies with one converter

Instructions available on the Ethernet interface:

  • Output Voltage setting
  • Output current setting
  • Output voltage measurement
  • Output current measurement
  • HV-On control
  • HV-Off control
  • Remote control
  • Inhibit control
  • Mains Monitor
  • Regulation mode status
  • End of Charge status
  • Fault status
  • Interlock status
  • HV-On status


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