With this option, Technix power supplies can be controlled through an optical fiber kit.

Optical fiber kit

  • A complete solution to insure an insulated remote control
  • Includes an adapter for computer/PLC (USB powered)
  • Fiber optics supplied (25 meters in standard, more lengths available)
  • USB and RS232 cables supplied (3 meters each)
  • Analogic 0-10V remote connector still available
  • Requires RS232 option
  • Replace the SubD 9 points RS232 connector
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With this option, 0 V reference of External Control is completely insulated from Chassis Ground (insulation > 100 kV/meter of fiber).

Optical fiber kit consists in is 2 Transmitter/Receiver and 25 m optical cable (one integrated in the generator).
It has to be used in conjunction with RS232 interface (option: RS232).