With this option, Technix power supplies can be controlled via RS232.

Remote Interface RS232

  • Specialy design for HV environment
  • Multilayer PCB
  • Remotely control your generator with PC or device
  • Labview runtime available (option)
  • 9600 Bauds, full-duplex
  • ASCII protocol
  • 12 Bits resolution
  • 10 Hz Bandwith
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Control via COM-Port Any device with a RS232 com port can drive the generator.

Communication is based on a question/answer principle : the computer sends on a line a coded ASCII character followed by the parameters needed for the instruction.
The board answers immediately after reception and handling of the received characters.

The “L.A.B.TEC” (Laboratory Analog Board Technix) is designed to run without damages and control losses in very difficult environments as repetitive electrical arcs, parasitic atmospheres...

Micro-controller is fully protected from the random events produced on the output voltage and wich are generally responsible for the micro-controllers resets.

The board is made with a shielded structure and with special components acting as a complete protection.

Compatible with LABVIEW runtime (optional)

  • User gets on his PC the image of the generator front panel
  • Settings and controls available like they should be on the front panel
  • All the functionality of the standard front panel:
  • Setting and Display of Voltage and Current
  • Indicators: HVon, HVoff, Voltage/Current Regulation, Line, Fault, Interlock, Remote mode
  • Preset & OCP/OCL functions
  • HVon, HVoff control
  • Inhibit
  • Histograms & Measurement savings